If you are looking for charisma, entertainment and a wonderful educational learning experience, I would strongly suggest a visit from Andrew. I know we are looking forward to another return visit from him in the near future.
— Thom Laux - Principal - Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School

"Histories" was a great example of how informational text can be fun and even humorous to students. The students not only enjoyed hearing you tell your own story but they also were intrigued by how the characters came alive in your mind"

Nancy Klareich
Reading Coach
Riverside Elementary School


"My son has not stopped talking about how great it was and keeps his book on the top shelf of his book case, open to the page where you signed and also drew a picture."

Vanessa Backman


"Your visits are a win/win situation – children are introduced to quality literature and our PTA benefits financially."

Arlene Young
Media Specialist
Howard Drive Elementary School

"Our students can't get enough of your books. You most certainly made an everlasting impression on our students."

Risa. S. Katz
Media Specialist
Heron Heights Elementary

"I highly recommend inviting Andrew Toffoli as a guest author. It's an educational and fun experience for all!"

Dania B. Ortega, NBCT
Library Media Specialist
Kenwood K-8 Center

"I cannot keep the books on the shelves and the students and teachers honestly use them a lot for different school projects and readings. Students really are reading the books for enjoyment!"

Lourdes Cuervo
Media Specialist
Blue Lakes Elementary School



"The entire presentation captivated students of all grades and held their interest. It even inspired my daughter in first grade to sketch, she loves drawing but this took her to a new level."

Sally Arjoon
Heron Heights Elementary